My watch face is draining my battery too fast

Some features use more battery than other:

  • Screen on duration
    If you set something > default, it will obviously use more battery to keep the screen on
  • Ambient mode
    The “Eco” Ambient mode is the default one, and will be very battery efficient. No additional batteryusage.
    The other ones use a bit more of battery, by displaying and updating data even in ambient mode(and colors for full).
    Basically, eco < b&w < full
    Also, the more you hide content in ambient mode, the more you will save battery. You have access to a few options to hide the unnecessary content 🙂
  • Heart rate data
    The heart rate sensor uses a lot of battery. I would recommend to use it only during a workout or short sessions.

If it can help you to get a good usage 🙂

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