PREMIUM: not synced on watch/mobile

It seems that the stores of your two devices are not sync.
It is not something related to the watch face itself, it will do this for every app if not sync 🙂

The sync of the purchase between watch & mobile takes sometimes time, as it is not sync all the time by the Google Play Services. This is not something handled by the app itself, but by the Google Play store.

There are different ways to enforce the refresh of the payment of apps, please try the following to see which one will work:

  • Reboot the watch/mobile
  • Go in the the Google Play Store on your watch, in the “my apps” category, and search for new updates.
  • The sync should be done.

You must also verify that you are using the same Google account to install the watch & mobile: the one used for the payment.

After checking all this, you can try to force the manual sync if premium is still locked on watch:

While the watch face is displayed on watch (not in settings), use the “sync now” button available in the “general” settings category of the phone app.
It should manually sync the premium access.

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