Weather not syncing (Wear OS 2.x/3.x)

Please verify that you installed the companion app of the watch face, as suggested in the watch face settings on your watch.
You also need to enable data and gps on your mobile, and that both are at bluetooth range.

These are the only requirement to get weather.

You can check your mobile settings, maybe do you have some “economy” mode for battery saving, or something like that, which prevent service to run, or to access gps.
Also verify in the settings of your mobile in the “applications” category, that you did accept all the permissions for the app.

Weather results will then depends on the data sent by or (it depends on your choice in the watch face settings).
After choosing a provider, hit the “update now” button to test it.

If you do not get accurate results for your location, you can rely on complication to get better weather results, by using an external weather data provider.

To use your own weather provider:

  • install the weather complication data provider you want on your watch (could be accuweather, the weather channel, google weather, etc).
  • then select “complication” as data for the widget in the watch face settings on your watch, then hit the “define” button.
  • and select your weather provider in the complication chooser helper.

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